Site Commissioning

ICE Design recognises that if a design is to be successfully implemented, considerable care and attention must be given to the commissioning phase of a sound system project. We believe that the commissioning phase is actually the final stage of design, and to fully extract the available performance from a sound system requires a level of skill not normally available from AV integrators.  In the commissioning stage, potential faults are uncovered and rectified and the settings are optimised to ensure that the outcomes are completely optimised.

Our commissioning process is probably unique in its level of detail and system optimisation. Our process involves seven key steps:

  1. Every component and and every connection is electronically checked.
  2. All microphone and loudspeaker transducers are acoustically measured to ensure they match our benchmarked responses.
  3. Exacting adjustments based on acoustic measurements and extended listening are then used to the optimise the frequency response and temporal behaviour of the system over the entire listening area.
  4. Our Predictive Loop Gain Optimisation process is then employed to optimise the acoustic gain (amplification before the onset of feedback) of each microphone.
  5. Extended listening to live speech, which often includes adjustments made during the first usage of the system.

We expect our systems to work successfully for  up to 20 years, and our commissioning process is a major factor in delivering this outcome.

NZ Parl loudspeaker_12 150 pix Loop-Gain-Graph150pix