About Us

Company Background

Since its inception, ICE Design has achieved an enviable reputation for design excellence over a diverse range of acoustical and audio visual projects that are connected with speech and visual communication and human comfort.

The four directors and principals of ICE Design formed the company in in 2006 to provide extended design services for the parliament and courtroom marketplace.  Whilst parliament and courtrooms remain core areas of the company’s project portfolio, our project work has expanded to include research and learning environments, commercial communication rooms, performing arts and conference venues.

The skills and project experience of the four ICE principals is both varied and extensive.  Each is acknowledged as a leader in their respective fields of acoustics and audio-visual technology.  Together, we provide a depth and breadth of experience in the design and commissioning of “Integrated Environments” that is unprecedented in Australia and possibly unparalleled in the world.

Spread across offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide with collaborative partners in Wellington, NZ, our team of engineers, designers and project managers offers a wide range of specialist skills that address the relationships between technology, spatial environment and the people who use the space.

Our projects often commence with the development of a user-requirements statement and a  feasibility study or concept design, and continue through to design development and documentation stages, culminating in ons-site commissioning work.  We are also able to manage implementation contracts.  We believe that we are unique in the degree of expertise we bring to the in-situ commissioning of the systems that we design.

The ICE Design directors have played a leading role in educating administrators, clients and builders to the unique challenges posed by the modern “high tech” space.  By providing expert commentary through the National Court of the Future project lead by the University of Western Sydney, and public lectures through targeted AIJA and Justice Environment conferences over the last 10 years, we have enhanced the understanding of jurisdictions in the role technology must play in meeting their business requirements.

With international recognition for our work on projects such as the recently completed Northern Territory Parliament chamber sound and vision systems, New Zealand Supreme Court and signature projects throughout the Asia-Pacific region, the company is in a prime position to provide expert advice to users of integrated courtroom and parliamentary environments the world over.

Industry-recognised Expertise

ICE Design is at the forefront of emerging technologies for Courtroom and Parliamentary projects.  The ICE Design principals regularly attend and participate in conferences and exhibitions dedicated to technology, the built environment and standards with relevance to our areas of interest.

Rod Louey-Gung and Mark Hanson are regularly invited to present at conferences organised by some of Australia and New Zealand’s law research establishments.  Conferences including internationally acclaimed Courtroom Technology (CTC), Courtroom of the Future and Justice Environments have featured many talks and presentations from us in recent years.  David Gilfillan has spread the word of our parliamentary and courtroom work internationally through his presentations to Institute of Acoustics Reproduced Sound conferences in the UK.  Glenn Leembruggen provides an extraordinary technical strength to the group and shares his knowledge through regular presentation of papers to the UK Institute of Acoustics, Audio Engineering Society and SMPTE on subjects of intelligibility, sound systems and acoustic design.  He is recognised as a world leader in the understanding of intelligibility, its measurement and how it is delivered via loudspeaker systems.