Following his work in the 1980s designing award winning hi-fi loudspeakers, Glenn Leembruggen has brought enthusiasm, engineering expertise and confidence in electro-acoustic design to ICE Design. This history impacts strongly on our commitment to engineering excellence in all forms of electro-acoustic design.

Our track record in loudspeaker design includes the pioneeering design and implementation of beam-steered array loudspeakes and other loudspeakers made directional through interference effects, steered subwoofers, bessel type arrays and tapered column arrays.

ICE Design undertakes extensive audio system modelling in order to predict and design intelligible sound reinforcement systems in difficult acoustic environments. This modelling goes far beyond the usual “coverage” and often questionable “STI” type plots: we use detailed routines developed in house and interrogate the industry standard software packages such as EASE and ODEON to calibrate and prove a model’s worth in the real world.

We are capable of many facets of electro-acoustic design, including audio transformer design, loudspeaker enclosure design and modelling using BEM algorithms, diffraction modelling, intelligibility prediction and detailed amplifier power requirement predictions.

With our work underpinned by engineering knowledge, we are in an excellent position to analyse and assess all aspects of audio system design. We also keep up to date with the latest industry developments and R&D in the worlds of loudspeakers, signal processing, amplifiers, conferencing and control systems, bing in contact and discussion with engieers from around the world.

ICE Design has designed audio systems for venues of all types: nightclubs, live music venues, theatres, courtrooms, stadiums, cafes, parliamentary debating chambers, studios and private homes.

Our commissioning expertise is, we confidently assert, without peer in the industry. We are able to carry out the most detailed system troubleshooting and commissioning processes to squeeze the very best possible outcome from a system. When combined with high level design, we provide value and client satisfaction.

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