There are significant interactions and interdependencies between technologies, building environment and operators that make up the complete communication environment, be it a large video conference facility or a mission-critical sound reinforcement system.  Room acoustics, reproduced-sound and video quality, environmental noise, natural daylight control, lighting, room layout and human ergonomics are all intrinsic aspects of the audio visual design process. An understanding of each of these elements and the ability to design and deliver to programme and budget is fundamental to the development of any solution.

Consulting Engineering Services

The diversity of skills available from ICE Design encompasses all technical domains.  Specialist consulting engineering disciplines include architectural acoustics, sound systems, audio visual, broadcast, hearing and visual assistance systems, video-conference and networks and product development.  Our engineering services extend from project brief development through concept design, detailed design and documentation, construction phase and post-occupancy phases.

Often acoustics and architecture have requirements that can appear to be in conflict, but this doesn’t need to be. We enjoy working co-operatively with architects and other disciplines to find solutions for complex problems, without compromising architecture, building function or sound and visual quality.  The holistic integration of technologies and environment provides significant benefits in terms of quality and homogeneity, and ensures the audio-visual environment operates at its optimum performance level with a long design life.

Project Management

In addition to our technical advice, we offer the added benefits of engaging our project management services. In this role we are able to coordinate an extended design team comprising architect and consulting engineers. As project managers, we provide transparent reporting back to our clients on matters relating to progress, budget and scope. We can offer guidance on the most appropriate procurement methods to suit individual client needs, and follow this up with full tender and contract management services. Importantly, we are able to identify ourselves as a single point of contact for the team and take responsibility for the timely delivery of the project.

Measurement and Testing

  • complete commissioning of audio and video system
  • product testing
  • compliance testing to international standards