Northern Territory Parliament


In 2008, ICE Design was commissioned to develop a brief for new sound and vision systems for the parliamentary debating chamber.  In the first phase of the project, ICE Design undertook the design, documentation and tender management services for the Northern Territory Parliament television broadcast system which included high definition robotic cameras and integrated control, vision switching and monitoring.  The work included the fit-out of a new remote control room and live-streaming of TV, radio and internet.

During 2011, the second project phase saw replacement of the existing chamber audio system with a highly engineered, bespoke electroacoustic system covering the chamber floor and public galleries.   Comprising of multiple beam-steered array elements, each loudspeaker provides ultra-consistent coverage, voice naturalness, and high gain before feedback.  The total system provides exemplary intelligibility and sound naturalness.  Included in this work was room acoustic treatment to eliminate echoes, and our acoustics laboratory was used to test the acoustic properties of various fabrics and materials to ensure they met our requirements.

To ensure Hansard and outside broadcast feeds are maintained in the event of any equipment failure, full system redundancy across the audio processing and transport system was designed.

Recently, ICE Design designed and commissioned new sound reinforcement and recording systems for the Litchfield Room – the Parliament’s main committee room.  The work was done under extreme time pressure and delivered a flexible, ultra-intelligible and appropriate solution for the Parliament.  We are currently scoping a new project with NT Parliament to upgrade existing live streaming systems.