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Housed in the former Adelaide Stock Exchange building, this meticulous refurbishment features a range of spaces steeped in history.  Completed at the end of 2009, the new facility accommodates a flagship 250 seat lecture space tailored live laboratory demonstrations to both local and remote audiences over collaborative educational networks.

Formed specifically to promote science to the public, it is fitting that the auditorium sound system represents a world-first in optimised speech and music reproduction using a non-proprietary FIR signal processing system to ultra-accurately place consistently clear, intelligible and balanced sound across the flat floor and mezzanine seating areas.

The space is provided with full HD broadcast cameras and state of the art ingest and video editing facilities for internal production of science documentaries.   Signal distribution has been designed around a fibre optic backbone, with centralised matrix switching.   The system allows for great flexibility in the delivery of media throughout the various spaces, and the ability to scale facilities to meet future needs.